How An Edo Man Lost His Fiance To Another Man 3 Days To Their Wedding Just Because He Could Not Satisfy Her In Bed And The 3 Things He Did To Solve His Premature Ejaculation Problems

Believe it or not women want a man that is good in

If you can not satisfy your wife, you might loss her to another man
just like it happen to me..

My name is Bernard, my friends call me Ben

Friday August 10 2012 was a very sad day for me.

I had a very sweet relationship with my wife to be and everything was going well as planned until she started disturbing me for sex.

I didn't want to take advantage of her

So I told her to wait till our wedding night before we can do anything

she got angry and said this to my face;

"If I had to marry you then I have the right to know if you are good in bed or not because I don't want to get married to a one minute man"

I was so annoyed hence I told her to wait till the wedding night because I don't want to go against my religious belief.

She left my place with anger all over her face and I ignored her just to let her go.

She did not call or visit me for three days

On the third day I had to call her and try to persuade her to wait


She refuse bluntly and told me to forget about the wedding if I can not give her what she want.

Later that day she send me a text message with the following context


"Your ex-girlfriend told me he left you because you don't last in bed (one minute man),

Even though you are a good person honey am sorry you will have to let me go

because I can't marry a one minute man, am out of this relationship for good,

Just tell your family you could not proceed with the wedding because of irreconcilable differences,

Don't call me because have been really getting it hot from another man who is man enough to satisfy me,

Good bye Mr one minute,

i will send you my wedding invitation soon, Good bye"


I thought my eyes were deceiving me after reading those message!

I quickly rush to the bathroom,

wash my face and to my greatest surprise

the context of the text message was still the same.


It was then that it done on me that I had to seek for solution to my problem

Actually she was right,


I was a one minute man and all the ladies I had meet left me because of that same situation

I thought I could deceive her to marry me before she realize it but it flopped.

I went to the hospital, took drugs, herbs, many concoction yet no solution.

Those that work, will just work for a while and then the one minute problem would come again.

I was having serious premature ejaculation problem

Before I even start any match, I have already messed up

And the lady will just work out never to return and whenever I call her she will not pick my calls again.


After many bad experience I decided to try the 20 minute erection enhancer method a 65 year old man told me about.

To my greatest surprise it worked!

For the past 2 years have been using this method and I can boldly tell you; I have moved from being a one minute man on bed to a very strong and energetic man who is always ready to play the match while the ladies beg me to cum.


Now am happy married and my beloved wife is really enjoying me.

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